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by Laurus Nobilis
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The New Wave of Anti Piracy is Coming

Piracy On Line




The anti piracy activities are continuing. What is the next target of anti piracy associations?


Posted: Feb 2012










The SOPA and PIPA are cancelled, while more and more European countries are putting on hold their engagement related to ACTA. Still, associations of entertainment industries will not accept the defeat, but they will continue in finding a new ways of shutting down services that are containing piracy materials.


According to Torrent Freak web site, the next the next subject of anti piracy activities could be the Google. According to this source, the RIAA and IFPI are preparing law suit against Google, since their internet search engine is favouring the sites that contain the piracy materials.


Google is cooperating with The RIAA and IFPI in removing piracy content from their Blogger service. But RIAA and IFPI believe that Google does not “try hard enough”. Their think that Google’s search engine result is favouring web sites with piracy content, instead of services that provide legal download of content.




RIAA and IFPI are considering that Google is having direct financial gains from internet sites and services that support piracy.

Google stated that their search engine algorithm is based on relevance of results for end user. The result of this algorithm is the piracy content pages at the top of search results.


Associations of entertainment industry that Google is deliberately promoting the concept of illegal download.


Also, RIAA and IFPI are considering that Google is having direct financial gains from internet sites and services that support piracy. They consider that Google should  act proactively and check all services that using their advertising service, for potential piracy activity.






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