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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Supply Chain

Logistic Value Streams (I)


Logistic value Streams





Lean Concept gives the opportunity to the company to increase the service level, while reducing the cost. This is possible through strict implementation of lean tools.


Posted: Aug 2012

In order to clearly define and distinguish value adding and non value adding steps within the process it is necessary to map and analyze the processes. The mapping of the processes will give better overlook and ability to make corrective actions. The mapping will

  1. Have to define in the supply chain the VA & Non VA steps.

  2. Describe Current State vs. Future State.


Value Stream mapping

Value stream mapping is used for:

    1. VS Map preparation using unified symbols

    2. Definition of product and information flow

    3. Definition of Wastes

    4. Analyzing of current state

    5. Defining of future state

    6. Harmonization with admin processes

    7. Definition of possible options

    8. Managing changes

    9. Stabilize changes


Process Mapping of Current State

The process should be defined by using standard elements of process flow diagram. The below picture describe the example of the current process.

Process Flow Mapping

The same way should be used for describing the future process. Comparison of flow diagrams of current and future situation can give new ideas in elimination of the wastes within processes.


Flow Mapping

Process flow should be described graphically. Typical symbols used for description of the processes are:

Flow mapping Elements


Time Phase Swimlane Process Mapping

Another way of describing processes is the use of Swimlane process mapping. The difference between standard process mapping and swimlane process mapping is that the swimlane graphically distinguish process steps by function and by time:

Swimlane Process Mapping

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