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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Supply Chain

DIOTFAI – Delivered On Time (E)

How does customer service level influence the competitiveness and position in the market? Why and how the service level should be measured?


Posted: Jan 2012



Delivery "Accurately Invoiced"


Invoicing of delivered product requires special attention. First of all, it is a legal document that is the base for payment. Any inaccuracy can cause problems and mismatch in both payer and payee system. Correcting multiple wrong invoices is tedious job. Also it represents a unnecessary repeated work.

Also, repeated wrong invoicing looks very unprofessional. The customer can consider the supplier as very unprofessional because incorrect invoices, although all other segments of product/service are flawless. Accurate invoicing is the important aspect of overall DIFOTAI.



"Accurately Invoiced" positive impacts factors

IFOTAI - accurately invoiced ChartAccurate invoicing comes as the result of compliance with following factors:

  1. Promo-management discipline (timely and correct )

  2. Reduce the habit of credit notes for extra discount / extra activity

  3. Proper settlement management

  4. Double check correctness of discount and list price master data

  5. Training session on Trade Promotion Management moduler


"Accurately Invoiced" negative impacts factors

Following factors negatively influence the accurate invoicing:

The effectiveness of DIFOTAI can be influenced by proper execution of all functions. Efforts need to be synchronized, since errors created within one department can cause chain reaction in other departments. Success of the DIFOTAI and service to the customer is dependant on multiple factors...

  1. Promo activity not created, created late, wrongly or incomplete created

  2. Logistic discount not correctly calculated

  3. Wrong customer invoiced

  4. Quantity or returnables discrepancies

  5. Incorrect pricing (list price or permanent discount)




Improving "Accurately Invoiced" delivery


The improvement in accurate invoicing can be obtained through following the following routines:


DIFOTAI -accurately invoicedl Chart











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