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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Strategic Management

Customer Centric Process: Basic CapabilitiesCustomer Centricity





Producing and selling is not enough anymore. Quality service is only beginning, but not the guaranty of the success. Joint value creation between supplier and customer is the only customer centric approach that can provide full exploitation of opportunities.


Posted: Mar 2014

In order for us to have process excellence, it is necessary to obtain six basic capabilities that companies must build in order to have firm Customer Centric Processes that are built on the process excellence platform.

First basic capability of Customer Centric Processes is Information integration that requires the integration of multiple functions and multiple partners. In any of Customer Centric Processes it requires having a full retrieval of information about what the customer’s needs are, what the situations are, what’s the demand patterns, what’s the supply conditions, what’s the status of your suppliers, what’s the status of your service providers, what’s the status of your internal organization.

In many cases that also require integration of information’s tracking across multiple functions—sales, customer service, manufacturing, operations, logistics, distributions. Information is the foundation of process excellence in the Customer Centric Process.

Customer centric process

Reliable logistics means that not only can we have the information fastbut we must be able to act fast. So acting fast means that our suppliers have close partnership with us and they’re able to go hand-in-hand with us and we have logistics processes in place that would allow us to execute those processes.

Flexibility of processes is a way of having agile processes. Flexibility of processes means that we design products and processes so that they are flexible. This means that the company can customize the personality of the products to meet the specific needs of the customer at the final moment. So that type of flexibility is a way to enhance agility.

Inventory Buffering means that we have to consider that the right amount of inventory is sometimes, for those inventories that are not expensive and not perishable easily, the right buffering can also enable us to have that agility of buffering.

And finally, we know that things often can go wrong. There are also times, last-minute unexpected events in any Customer Centric Processes, which means that when something occurs, such as an earthquake, such as a special disturbance, such as a particular disruption of our customer processes and what we need is to have a plan in place so that we know what it takes right away. Unexpected situations require contingency planning and building of partnership with suppliers.

That is how the company builds process excellence. These six are the core for building excellent processes which enable us to have the key foundation of Customer Centric Processes.


Customer Centric Process

The Framework
Focus and Values
Basic Capabilities


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