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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Strategic Management

Customer Centric Process: Focus and Values

Customer Centricity





Producing and selling is not enough anymore. Quality service is only beginning, but not the guaranty of the success. Joint value creation between supplier and customer is the only customer centric approach that can provide full exploitation of opportunities.


Posted: Mar 2014


The customer centric approach can be shown by  three-by-two matrix that explains on how companies should build Customer Centric Processess, by leveraging elements of focus and values.

The Customer Centric Processes must be built upon excellence. The company must have a service that is totally efficient and reliable and that represent the foundation of Customer Centric Processes. This is the only way of maintaining customer satisfaction. That is starting point where excellence begins.

Customer Centric Process

Once we have excellent processes, then we can do more than just doing what the customers expects and doing what is the basic foundation to satisfy customers. What we can do is building Customer Centric Processes that would allow us to leverage scale, to provide varieties, to provide personalized service at different points in time, so that for different individuals and at different points in time at different geographies we provide them with very highly customized specialized service. This enables us to give differentiation. We will be able to use differentiation as a way to expand our reach to different parts of the markets.

After the company was able to master process excellence and once the variety of service is provided, then comes the point in time where the company actually building new services and build new solutions. Those solutions and services are value creating services. It enables the company to develop new business models, provide new revenues, new profits creating specialized intimacy with the customers.

This is the final stage where the companies can actually use Customer Centric Processes to earn customer trust, to build specialized indices, brand equity, loyalties and the cost of doing so making additional revenues and profits.


Customer Centric Process

The Framework
Focus and Values
Basic Capabilities


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