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You Tube Download


You Tube Download

How to download You Tube Videos? What player should you use for Flash videos?


Posted: Jul 2008









Almost everybody visits You Tube or similar video clip banks, regardless is it for business for fun. Those clips are available easily, but you might want to save some of those clips on your disk, for future reference. You Tube Download videos are recorded in Flash Video Format ( FLV ).

Solution for downloading these clips is called You Tube Downloader. Program is small and simple, without too many options. Simply copy the url of the video from your browser and go to the You Tube Downloader. You do not even need to paste address, because You Tube Downloader is doing it automatically for you. Click OK an chose destination on your disk. 

You Tube Downloader

Downloading videos from You Tube is very easy, Find out how.

You can download You Tube Downloader by following the link.

Since your clips are in Flash Video Format, you need a player. Do not look more further than FLV player:

FLV Player

To download FLV Player folow the link.





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