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Split and Join Large Files


Split File



Split or join large files fast and simple


Posted: Apr 2008









During the daily work on our computers we are frequently faced with the large files. We usually need to split files at one moment and to join files later.

Sometimes we have large files that cannot fit on CD or DVD. Sometimes we have e-mail attachment size restrictions. Sometimes we want download from our site to be more convenient.

Are you looking for an easy way to split and join files? The simple solution is here...

Although there are many archivers, that are capable to split files, they are not as simple as HJ Split.

Split and Join large files

HJ Split is very simple, fast and, above all, free "Split and Join Files" software. It is very small ( 170k-300k depend of version ) and does not require any installation or registration.

Split and Join with HJ Split

Options for split files and join files are as simple as they can be. Operations of split and join are fast, since there is no compression. This utility will definitely ease your business or private work with large files. Download from




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