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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Sales Force

Sales Volume (B)


Sales Graph




What is the Sales Volume? How do we measure the Sales Volume? How do we influence the growth of Sales Volume?


Posted: Feb 2008









Sales volume is the number of sold units of sales in a certain period of time. Sales units are usually physical case, or simply the case, which is basically product in shape of usual sales pack.

Example, milk 12x1l tetra brick pack. In some cases the sales volume can represented in physical cases, but in some other units of measure, e.g. liters, hectoliters, kilograms, tons, or some other units that represent a certain weight or volume. Usually the companies own their on adopted system of volume measurement of the Sales Volume.


The market performance is the result of activities of all departments in the company, from procurement, finance, development, production, warehouse, marketing and other supporting function, but the last department in the line that face the market is the Sales Force.

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