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by Laurus Nobilis
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Performance Management

Performance Review Meeting Guidelines: During the Meeting (E)

Performance Review Meeting



Performance review meeting is important performance management tool that requires preparation and compliance to certain rules. These rules are applying to team leader and his subordinates as well.

Posted: Jan 2012

As it is said in previous article, everybody should come prepared for review meeting. Team leader need to do all necessary preparations for review meeting.

Employee that reports to team leader need to collect all information, conducts necessary analyzing, prepare the report in standard sheets. Reporting employee need and prepare fishbone diagrams and corrective action plans for every key performance indicator that is underperforming.




TL should create an environment that allows an open and honest dialogue, far from distractions of regular daily routine. He/she should ensure there is a two-way process of communication in which the job holder shares perceptions of performance. TL briefly checks and confirms objectives in the performance plan.

Team leader conduct a coaching discussion with the employee, focusing on the specific KPIs. It is necessary to ensure this documentation is complete. TL focuses on major KPIs and KPIs that show to be underperforming on previous review meeting.

TL ensures that reporting employee does most of the talking. Where appropriate, he/she take the opportunity to discuss the job holder’s specific KPI related issues. TL record and action any immediate development needs that may be necessary for successful accomplishment of tasks. Leader of the review meeting need to complete and sign appropriate documentation.



Performance ReviewThe employee that is responsible for particular KPI needs to participate and contribute. He/she shares views on progress done so far on every key performance indicator. Every KPI is reviewed compared to previously set target for specific period. Achievements should be recognized and acknowledged.

For those key performance indicators that are performing below standard it is necessary to conduct further analysis. The route cause analysis, usually in a form of fishbone diagram with additional tabular and graphical expression should be prepared. Corrective action plan (CAP) should be prepared as well.

Performance review meeting is important performance management tool that requires preparation and compliance to certain rules. These rules are applying to team leader and his subordinates as well.

CAP need to explain further steps in overcoming current problem. Corrective action plan need to precisely cover all aspects:

  • WHO will conduct activities in correcting the problem.

  • WHAT will be done, by specifying the desired action.

  • HOW it will be done, stating necessary action.

  • WHEN in term of specific deadline.

During the performance review it is necessary to highlight the additional skills and knowledge that are needed in order to achieve Performance Plan. This means that if it is necessary to acquire additional skill or resource, it should be discussed with team leader.

Employee need to listen to feedback on competencies and help identify one or two to focus on for development and to plan to include in next IDP.  


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