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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Performance Management

Performance Management: Obstacles In Performance Management (E)

Performance Management


What is the right approach of manager to performance management? How to encourage performance? How to deal with underperformance?


Posted: May 2010

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Despite the fact that performance management is the important part of the business, sometimes seems that it does not work the best.

Why some managers do not try hard enough on managing performance of their employees? Why they do not want to face their employees? It seems that there are several obvious reasons:

  • It is not pleasant to face the underperformance

  • They do not like to confront

  • Choosing retreat instead of facing the situation

  • Do not have the skills and knowledge

  • Lack of confidence

  • Lack of support from top management

  • It is easier to let it go

Every manager must remember that performance management is their obligation. It is the core task on their list. This is so highly ranked on the importance list, since the manager is doing the work through his subordinates.

When facing the underperformance situation it is important to remember that simply forcing somebody to do something does not bring the results. Furthermore, it is likely that force will cause the counter effect. Force will bring resistance and antagonism instead of performance.

The performance management has multifunctional importance. It recognizes individual contribution and gives opportunity individual development of employees. It contributes to organization by achievement of targets and continuous growth. The performance management is opportunity for organization to recognize the contribution of employee and to respond through reward programs.

Fair relationship between manager and employee should exist. The mutual respect and „wave length tuning“ is the key for individual performance and performance of a whole team.

In case that the underperformance has many causes, including attitude and culture, the serious problem may occur. In case that employee cannot perform on his position, probably the contract termination is the only solution. Of course, this needs to be done according the legal procedures. Having the permanent underperformer within the team for long time can give the wrong message to the other members. Therefore, continuous underperformance needs to be addressed accordingly. 


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