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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Marketing Management

Activating The Shopper (E)


Activating The Shopper



How to activate customer? How to engage customer? Where we have the opportunity?


Posted: Apr 2010









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Exploring the Peripheral Vision

Consumers continuously, subconsciously scan displays via peripheral vision, this does not mean they are directly looking at them.  Proven approaches to capturing this peripheral vision are:

  •  Vertical Blocking (+400% awareness)

    The shopping is very complex process which includes many components. The shopper is the decision maker in the shopping process. His decision depends of many factors, constrains, motivations and reasons for shopping. How to engage the shopper in a best possible way?

  • Bold Facings (Multiple facings blocked in a square or rectangle ideally on more than one shelf – Key stimuli are color, shape and form)

  • Uncluttered (Simple and not too much stimuli, the brain cannot process too much detail, it switches off)

  • Header boards (Simple but bold and colorful signs on top of displays, awareness +50% - Beacon Branding)

There are many ways to activate the shoppers. Excellent execution of a poor strategy is usually better and more profitable that poor execution of an excellent strategy. 

This means that every strategy should be evaluated and improved. But no matter what strategy is adopted, it is necessary to be properly executed.




Activating the Shopper
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Exploring the Peripheral Vision


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