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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Marketing Management

Activating The Shopper (E)


Activating The Shopper



What is the progressive goal setting? What makes the balance between overstretching and realistic goal setting?


Posted: Jun 2009









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How to Slow Shoppers Down?

We need to slow the shopper down, in order to increase the chance for shopping. In order to do it, we need to understand how shoppers move. The faster they walk the narrower the field of peripheral vision becomes and by the time we get close enough to see the goods and read the signs they are in no mood to stop and look. If they move slowly they will be more susceptible to communication.

However if they move fast they ignore most messages. A guaranteed way to slow shoppers down is mirrors or reflective surfaces – we all like to look to see how we look. Placing a mirror in the store and then activating your products next to it is a sure fire way of ensuring people notice your displays.

Men versus Women as Shoppers


Men versus Women as Shoppers

The shopping is very complex process which includes many components. The shopper is the decision maker in the shopping process. His decision depends of many factors, constrains, motivations and reasons for shopping. How to engage the shopper in a best possible way?

Men do not like shopping; it is a struggle just to keep them patient company. Women have a greater affinity in shopping, they walk slower, examine and compare merchandise, try things on, ask questions. Men move faster, spending less time, it is hard to get them to look at anything they don’t intent to buy and they do not ask questions.


Rules for Displaying

The general rules for product positioning and displaying techniques are:

  • If it cannot be seen, it will not be considered

  • If it cannot be touched, it will be not be chosen

  • Attractive displays attract sales

  • The bigger the displays the bigger the sales

  • Additional displays mean additional sales

  • The golden rule of FIFO (first in, first out) ensures stock rotation and freshness

  • Must have a clear message linked to consumer needs



Activating the Shopper
Visual Communication

How to Slow Shoppers Down? Men versus Women as Shoppers
Rules for Displaying
Exploring the Peripheral Vision


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