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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Human Resources

Basic Skills: Managing Performance (E)


Managing Performance



What is the role of performance management in business? What are the tips for development of performance management skill?


Posted: May 2010

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Reward Good Performance

1. Determine the consequences of current behaviour. Consider the consequences from another associates’ perspective, not just your own.

2. Identify the consequences that need to be changed to improve performance. Do this by determining how to remove the positive consequences of undesirable behaviours and how to create positive consequences for desirable behaviours.

3. Discuss the desired goals with the associate, putting these goals in precise behavioural and observable terms.


Enrich Other’s Job

Job enrichment is a technique that can lead to higher quality of work. The following is a partial list of ideas from which you can choose to enrich your own job or job of others. Also, contact your HR Manager for more ideas.

1. Add new and interesting tasks to a job to widen its scope. Just make sure that you don’t “overload your plate”.
2. Increase the authority, accountability, and autonomy of a job.
3. Increase the visibility of the project, job, etc.
4. Increase the meaningfulness of assigned tasks and jobs.
5. Increase the amount of feedback given on performance.
6. Assign individuals to at least one stretch assignment annually.


Managing Performance is the basic skill that is part of the Ability to measure group of basic skills. Managing performance is ability to manage the processes and assess the actual performance versus requirement.

Managing performance is crucial for the business, since the activities without adequate output are counterproductive for the company.

Recognise Everyone’s Contribution

Always convey the attitude that everyone’s work is important. If an associate feels that his or her work is valuable, they tend to invest more energy, thought and enthusiasm in their jobs. To fully recognise all associates’ contributions, try the following:

  • Meet with associates individually and show them how their responsibilities fit into the department and organisation.

  • At staff meetings, highlight how various associates are contributing to the positive results of the department, division and/or organisation.

  • Frequently reinforce positive behaviours and performance.

  • Heighten the exposure of people who are working on ”lower visibility” projects.

  • Discourage actions among associates that denigrate the contributions of others.

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