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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Human Resources

Workflow Procedures (E)


Workplace Management


What is the role of work management in business? How to organize workflow procedure?

Posted: Oct 2009




Workplace Management Routines (7/7): Workflow Procedures

Analyze And Improve Work Flow Procedures

Individually or with your team (either subordinates or project-related), assess

  • The "How"

  • the "What" and

  • the "When"

of current work practices. Focus on both informal and formal practices and procedures. The desired outcome would be to remove non-essential work processes.

Suggested Procedures For Improving Work Flow:

  • List and clarify the work unit’s or the project’s goals.

  • Create a flow chart, which shows how major events or processes within the team are accomplished (i.e. how work gets done).

  • Study your work unit’s or project team’s current work structure and procedures. Look at things like reporting lines, direct or indirect; roles and responsibilities; communication structure and processes; duplication of effort; purpose of procedures and systems (e.g. approvals, signatures etc.)

  • Identify what works and does not work within the team, or for yourself.

  • As needed, re-organize work processes and systems to foster more efficient and effective relationships and working conditions.

  • Improve overall procedure and clarify expectations/roles on an on-going basis. (Note: a suggestion is to set aside time during regularly scheduled meetings to discuss changes and improvements to the unit’s work).

  • On an on-going basis, work with your team to determine the value they are adding to the Company’s overall success. Particularly, the group could look at how their work processes, procedures and behaviors support the Company’s mission and vision.

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Workplace Management Routines:

Managing Interruptions
Maintain A Time Management Diary
Standardize Tools And Procedures
Utilize A Formal Project Manager Or Scheduling Tool
Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities
Priorities / Benchmarking



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