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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Human Resources

Basic Skills: Workplace Management - Standardize Tools and Processes (E)


Workplace Management



What is the role of work management in business? How to standardize tools and processes?


Posted: Oct 2009

Workplace Management Routines (3/7): Standardize Tools and Processes

Often personal time is lost “fighting fires” and duplicating effort. To minimize these time wasters, standardize as many tools, models, and processes possible.

  • This will keep you from “reinventing the wheel” each time these items are needed.

  • Ensure you keep them flexible in order to modify them when necessary. 

  • Areas to consider standardizing:

  1. Meeting ground rules, § Problem solving models and forms 

  2. Project request forms, planning tools, worksheets, 

  3. Development and feedback discussions, 

  4. Certain memos and memo formats used on a regular basis, 

  5. Trouble-shooting procedures, 

  6. Customer complaint procedures, 

  7. Weekly/bi-weekly project status reports and project update meetings.

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Workplace Management Routines:

Managing Interruptions
Maintain A Time Management Diary
Utilize A Formal Project Manager Or Scheduling Tool
Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities
Priorities / Benchmarking
Workflow Procedures




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