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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Human Resources

How To Apply For A Job 2/2 (B)


How To Apply For A Job?

How to apply for a job? What are the steps during the applying for the job? 


Posted: Apr 2010

Previous: How To Apply For A Job part 1 

In case that your application brought attention of you potential employer, the second stage of employment may happen. Employers usually select certain number of applications for further selection. The complexity of the process may vary from company to company and from position to position. 

In some cases the employer may arrange the testing for further filtration of candidates. The testing is covering different relevant areas: IQ tests, logical test, socio tests, technical competency tests, etc.

The candidates are ranked according the results of the tests. The ranking is usually done in several key areas. The candidates that have high rank in most areas are selected and summoned for the interview. The interview is usually conducted by 2-3 members of commission. The lead interviewer is usually the person from the Human Resources, while other members are technical experts.

The questions are usually predefined. Still there is possibility of variations, depending of the candidate and the importance of the position. The questions are ranging from general to specific:

  • General questions about personal life

  • Reason and motivation for application

  • Personal traits that you should state

  • Areas for improvement that you should state

  • Hypothetical questions about potential situation related to advertised position

  • Trick questions ( shock questions ) with purpose of probing your personality

    The application letter has the purpose to prevent your CV from being lost. The job cover letter should be very short and clear. Set of application documents should also include copies of diplomas and certificates, as well as other documents required by advertiser.

The list can be very long, depending of the commission, competition of the candidates and demand of the position. As the general advice the candidate should be calm, listening questions carefully, answering directly and speaking honestly. If you are nervous or avoid answering the questions you may be annoying for the commission.

Understand that you are only one out of many candidates. Commission has limited time and mental capacity, so do not try to provoke their rejection by being too emotional, closed or with expressing pre-judgments about the company or the position. Be prepared for different requests that may not be initially announced in the position vacancy. Almost every position requires willingness to continuously improve and educate. Try to learn about potential employer from the web sites. Ask friends for opinions. Be optimistic and expect realistic outcomes.





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